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Paradise Banquet Hall

Charles & Dorota

Are you searching for an authentic style of photography for your big day? I offer my clients a full range of services that will suit their specific needs. This specific service is a favorite among my clients, as I really dive deep into the emotional moments of the wedding day, capturing every bit on camera. For more information, feel free to contact me.

Charles and Dorota posing for a video shot, at the Kortright Centre.
Dorota and her dog at her parents' apartment at High Park, in Toronto.
Dorota's dog.
Charles getting ready at their parents' home at the Danforth area, in Toronto.
The groomsmen participate in the traditional Cyprian/Greek traditions in th morning of the wedding.
The beautiful bridesmaids posing for the videographer and the photographer at the Kortright Centre.
The bride walks down the aisle holdng hands with her mother and father.
The couple exchanging rings. A beautiful moment captured by Diogo Ueno and Artur Zaitsev, the videographers who filmed the wedding.
Such a gorgeous chandelier at the entrance hall of the Paradise Banquet Hall.
The couple look in love while the bridal party cheer during a Movi shot.
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