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Scarborough Convention Centre

Gaya & Eric

Are you searching for an authentic style of photography for your big day? I offer my clients a full range of services that will suit their specific needs. This specific service is a favorite among my clients, as I really dive deep into the emotional moments of the wedding day, capturing every bit on camera. For more information, feel free to contact me.

Aerial view of Scarborough Convention Centre
Gaya getting ready at her house in the morning of the wedding.
The bride wears a beautiful necklace.
Beautiful mehndi details on the bride's hands.
The groom sporting a cool henna tatoo.
The groom getting ready in the morning of the wedding.
Hindu Sri-lankan traditions are ready to be celebrated in the morning of the wedding.
Flowers and a necklace.
The groom poses for a picture with his family and the bride's relatives.
A Hindu god image shown at Scarborough Convention Centre's hallway.
Tamil Hindu traditions taking place with the groom and the bride's parents.
Tamil traditions being held with the groom.
The bride walking down the aisle.
The groom and the bride at the altar.
Eric kisses Gaya on the cheek during their photoshoot.
Gaya + Eric at the Scaroborough Convention Centre.
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